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Forensic Investigation and Support

Discovering the not so obvious

Quality forensic accounting is vital as personal injury, professional negligence case or commercial litigation can damage your business. You may suspect fraud or you may just require a valuation of a business or other assets. In all of these situations, our forensic accounting experts can help you achieve a successful outcome.

We combine wider sector knowledge with extensive expertise to guide you through the technicalities of financial investigation and dispute resolution. Our forensic specialists are financial detectives, isolating problems swiftly, minimising the potential damage to your business and securing the evidence needed to obtain a conviction. Our experts are highly experienced in providing testimony in court, drawing on accounting, auditing, tax and financial expertise as well as their specific knowledge of court procedures.

The PKF International network can also provide business intelligence services for major transactions. As businesses become more internationally focused, they encounter different cultures and other unpredictable elements that can hinder their success. Our business intelligence service and knowledge of local culture draws on a worldwide network to obtain information that cannot be easily accessed. This can provide reassurance in areas that standard due diligence does not cover. 

Our services include:

  • Forensic Investigation and Litigation Support
  • Expert Witness/Litigation Support
  • Assessment of Damages
  • Forensic Accounting/Investigative Audit

Whenever a case hinges on the figures, our forensic team can help to figure out the facts.